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Rockmine's gallery aims to bring you the most important images of rock and pop music. To start we've a real treat - the poster art of the Fillmore Auditorium and Avalon Ballroom. There's also a selection of original rock film posters, straight from Rockmine's own collection - and many of them are for sale!

Fillmore Auditorium

Probably America's most famous venue. Bill Graham's Fillmore employed the cream of poster artists to advertise forthcoming attractions. Rick Griffin, Mouse & Kelley, Victor Moscoso - they're all here. Take an hour or so off and just wander through the collection of more than 100 posters and handbills gathered here.

Avalon Ballroom

San Francisco's other concert promoters were The Family Dog. Their main venue was the city's Avalon Ballroom. This is a collection of posters from there and their venue in Denver, Colorado. Like the Fillmore, many of the gigs advertised here have entered into rock mythology. Relax, put on some suitable sounds and soak up the artwork.

Rock Film Posters

Straight from the depths of Rockmine's Archive, here's a selection of rock film posters. From Elvis to Pink Floyd at Pompeii, there's lots of interesting pieces here - and most of them are for sale!

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