Magazine Collection and Cuttings

Rockmine's magazine collection runs to thousands of copies, from colour supplements to women's magazines, I stock everything I can find that features a rock or pop artist or group on the cover, if there's an article or interview to go with it. Often these will cover artists in a completely different light to the music press.

Rather than giving you yet another list, here's a selection of Rolling Stones related magazines just taken straight fom the shelf and scanned. Hopefully, this will amply illustrate the depth of Rockmine's written word archive! As you see there are a few music magazines included that aren't on the main music paper achive list. Along with the more mainstream, you'll find a few oddities like Playgirl and Saga Magazine!

As for the cuttings archive, the simplest thing to say is it's massive! The Rolling Stones cuttings alone fill three boxes and run into thousands of pages taken from daily and weekend papers from the last 23 years.

The cuttings have been spilt into two separate collections - general and events. General can be anything fom a fashion piece to an interview while events will relate to an actual event. The latter forms the core of Rockmine's Almanac which is built on verified facts. For a sample day from the Rockmine Almanac, click here.

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