Audition Room: D.I.Y. Labels

Label Directory


Endearing Records Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Triple Threat Records Calgary, Alberta.


Anadie Records Santiago.


206 Records Seattle WA.

316 Productions New York.

702 Records Reno, NV.

Act Your Age Records Houston, TX.

Blue Worm Records Minneapolis, MN.

Coming In Second Records Boise, ID.

Forty-Two Records Levittown, Pa.

Garage-Pop Records Rochester, New York.

Hawaiian Express Hawaii.

Little Kid Records Portland, Oregon.

Microcism Records Mentor, Ohio.

Punks Need Lovin' Records New York.

Satellite Transmissions Boulder, CO.

Signal to Noise College Park, MD.

Skanking Skull Records Lady Lake, FL.

Slap Happy Records Byron, CA.

Sweet Filth Records Essex Junction, Vermont.

Traffic Violation Records Long Island, New York.

Turducken Recordings New Orleans, Louisiana.

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