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U.K. Unsigned Band Directory

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14 Yards Offside Wigan e-mail.
18th Emergency Cranbrook, Kent e-mail.
3rd Flaw Farnham e-mail.
Aaron Short Suffolk e-mail.
Absolutely London e-mail.
Adam Dunnakey Yorkshire e-mail.
Adhesive Hastings e-mail.
Aon Leeds e-mail.
Albeit Bradford e-mail.
Alcohol Nottingham e-mail.
Alcopop Cambridge. e-mail.
AL!VE Bury e-mail.
Amber Cambridge e-mail.
The Amber Harrow e-mail.
Amethyst York e-mail.
Analog Liverpool e-mail.
Angel Down Manchester e-mail.
Angstrom Cambridge e-mail.
Anish Swindon e-mail.
Aphrodizzy-act Kingsbridge, Devon. e-mail.
Audiovandals Colchester e-mail.
Avarice Marlborough e-mail.
Baby Strange Birkenhead e-mail.
Baby Teeth London e-mail.
BAiT Coventry e-mail.
Barlow Teeside e-mail.
Beats Working Sunningdale e-mail.
Because We Can Newcastle e-mail.
The Bendy Monsters Sheffield e-mail.
Betsy Kohler Newcastle e-mail.
Bias Middlesbro' e-mail.
Big Circus Birmingham e-mail.
Big Green Monkeys London e-mail.
Billy The Kid Woodbridge e-mail.
Bismuth Norwich e-mail.
Blackfire Bristol e-mail.
Blade London e-mail.
Blade Shrewsbury e-mail.
Blowholy Leeds e-mail.
The Blue Tits Stratford Upon Avon e-mail.
Blutarsky Clapham, London e-mail.
Boohai Soul Birmingham e-mail.
Bracket 22 Portsmouth e-mail.
The Breeze Bristol e-mail.
Bushmasters Leicester e-mail.
Cable Co. Glastonbury e-mail.
Cage Manchester e-mail.
Calling Orson Cambridge e-mail.
Cameron Watford e-mail.
Carsmile Cheltenham e-mail.
Cathode Ray Mission London e-mail.
Cemetery Kings Southend e-mail.
Cenobyte London e-mail.
Central Bristol e-mail.
Cereal Killer London e-mail.
Charmadon Portsmouth e-mail.
Cheek Woodbridge e-mail.
Chilli Dog Slim Penzance e-mail.
Circa Bournemouth e-mail.
Clone Bradford e-mail.
Communcation Breakdown Middlesbro' e-mail.
Congress Teeside e-mail.
Conrad Southampton e-mail.
Cooperbrown London e-mail.
Coppernine Coventry e-mail.
Cowboy Birmingham e-mail.
Crazy Jain Kingston, Surrey e-mail.
Creep West Bromwich e-mail.
Creosote London e-mail.
Dalliance W. Midlands e-mail.
Darkhaven Bath e-mail.
Demic Brighton e-mail.
Descras Deal e-mail.
Diablo Folkstone e-mail.
Diskordian Luton e-mail.
Distance Teeside e-mail.
Dog Flambe Liverpool e-mail.
Dragontree Portsmouth e-mail.
Drive North West Cheshire e-mail.
The Drowners Carlisle e-mail.
The Dukes Of Buller Croydon e-mail.
Dusk Hull e-mail.
Dye #2 West Sussex e-mail.
Eesifreek Hitchin e-mail.
Effortless Cambridge e-mail.
Egoz Game Bradford e-mail.
Elegant Simplicity Wakefield e-mail.
El Mono Hull e-mail.
Elvis Garland East Grinstead e-mail.
Eternal Flame (Covers) Poole e-mail.
The Eyes London e-mail.
Film Barnstaple e-mail.
Flume Oxford e-mail.
Fly 66 Ipswich e-mail.
Fly London e-mail.
Frayed London e-mail.
FreshCutFlowers London e-mail.
Friends Of Kane Swindon e-mail.
Furn Ormskirk e-mail.
GdStK Bicester e-mail.
Gentle Ben Wisbech e-mail.
Grandma's Bike Ipswich e-mail.
Greenstax Leicester e-mail.
GroundZero London e-mail.
Grover Birmingham e-mail.
Guru:7 Colchester e-mail.
Gyro Spank Monkey Chester le Street e-mail.
Hail Hertfordshire e-mail.
Half A Dog Sheffield e-mail.
The Hamptons London e-mail.
Hotel Lounge Guildford e-mail.
Hung Up London e-mail.
I Am 7 London e-mail.
Ideal Observers Hull e-mail.
Inflatable Love Machine London e-mail.
In My Skin Bournemouth e-mail.
Insanity Beach Wirral e-mail.
Intravenous Norwich e-mail.
...ish Chelmsford e-mail.
Jaded Hartlepool e-mail.
Jagged Edge Slough e-mail.
Jel Sheerness e-mail.
Jellyhead Manchester e-mail.
Jeza London e-mail.
Jinx Croydon e-mail.
JTM Manchester e-mail.
Jupiter Chester e-mail.
Kanister Dover e-mail.
Kato Blackpool e-mail.
Kemp Winchester e-mail.
Killing Desire Reading e-mail.
Kin Kent e-mail.
Kooshty Derby e-mail.
Korda Luton e-mail.
Kracklite Manchester e-mail.
Landau Essex e-mail.
Landfill Birmingham e-mail.
The Landspeed Loungers Leeds e-mail.
Leisure Lichfield e-mail.
Leo Birmingham e-mail.
Little Black Dog London e-mail.
Loaded 44 Newcastle e-mail.
Longplay Maidstone e-mail.
Luggage Rickmanswth e-mail.
Machupo London e-mail.
Mad Racket (Covers) Bolton e-mail.
Magenta Crumpet Shrewsbury e-mail.
Magick Pink Mission Bristol e-mail
Mark Roberts and the Cosmic Crew Stratford upon Avon e-mail.
Marvyn Somerset e-mail.
McQueen London e-mail.
Mecca Oxford e-mail.
Merlyn Earls Colne e-mail.
Milk Liverpool e-mail.
Millennium Bug Portsmouth e-mail.
Milliqutet Leiston, Suffolk e-mail.
Mintobag Matlock e-mail.
Mo Fro Magic London e-mail.
Mondo London e-mail.
Mrs Jackson Leeds e-mail.
Muskee London e-mail.
My ViTRiOL London e-mail.
Naphalene Chepstow e-mail.
Nebula Tonic Oldham e-mail.
Neon Wardrobe Tamworth e-mail.
The New Black Oxford e-mail.
The New Variants Leicester e-mail.
Newspeak Sheffield e-mail.
Nine Lines Brighton e-mail.
Ninthlife Cambridge e-mail.
Niro London e-mail.
Not Nerys Winchester e-mail.
Nylon 66 Dartmoor e-mail.
Obscura Birmingham e-mail.
Occupational Hazard Kettering e-mail.
Odysseus London e-mail.
Oecken Worthing, Sussex e-mail.
One Drop Newcastle e-mail.
Origin Swindon e-mail.
PassionFish Portsmouth e-mail.
The Peace Cambridge e-mail.
Peach Fuzz Southend on Sea e-mail.
Pedro Orange Saffron Walden e-mail.
Perfect10 Lichfield e-mail.
Phil Doleman London e-mail.
Philtre Poole e-mail.
Planet Jaune London e-mail.
The Plastics Nottingham e-mail.
Plastic Sole Milton Keynes e-mail.
Poster London e-mail.
Project Cow Reading e-mail.
Pseudonym Leiston e-mail.
Pull Slough e-mail.
Pure Passion Norwich e-mail.
Purity Cries Bradford e-mail.
Raindog Southampton e-mail.
Rattlebox Doncaster e-mail.
The Real Crazy Apartment Chester e-mail.
Reamer Milton Keynes e-mail.
Red Fridge The Midlands e-mail.
Remote London e-mail.
Resin Preston e-mail.
Resiva Plymouth e-mail.
Reverie Birmingham e-mail.
Rev Rev Chester e-mail.
The Roads Birmingham e-mail.
Royal Something London e-mail.
Rue de la Mort Leiston e-mail.
Senseless Prayer Birmingham e-mail.
SevenMilesHigh Croydon e-mail.
Shades of Red (Covers) Teddington e-mail.
Shake the Tree London e-mail.
The Shorty Blackwells Norwich e-mail.
Shrink Essex e-mail.
Simplicity Cambridge e-mail.
Skinflowers Nottingham e-mail.
The Skinks Sheffield e-mail.
Slinky Cambridge e-mail.
Slinky Peach Doncaster e-mail.
Slug Oven Nottingham e-mail.
Smartbomb London e-mail.
Sodium Surrey e-mail.
Some Dumb Hippy Croydon e-mail.
Some Sort Of Freak N. Lincs e-mail.
Soup of the Day Ilford e-mail.
Spiral Swindon e-mail.
Spoonfish Bradford e-mail.
Stan Newcastle e-mail.
Starfish Leeds e-mail.
Starski Bolton e-mail.
Starsky Ipswich e-mail.
State of Quo(Tribute band) Manchester e-mail.
Stealth Munchkin Manchester e-mail.
Still Life Hull e-mail.
Strange Rain Manchester e-mail.
Strange Weather Wigan e-mail.
Stray Headbutt Farnborough e-mail.
Stubborn South London e-mail.
Stuffed South Shields e-mail.
Subtext Salisbury e-mail.
Sucker London e-mail.
Sugarfix Birmingham e-mail.
Suki Leeds e-mail.
Summerbee Hull e-mail.
Tale London e-mail.
Thermo Meter Wantage e-mail.
TH90 Bedford e-mail.
Thirst Portsmouth e-mail.
Thirzt Guildford e-mail.
Tide Guildford e-mail.
Toby & Annabelle Winchester e-mail.
Toxic Orange Suffolk e-mail.
Toyshop Hero Dunmow, Essex e-mail.
Tramsleeper Manchester e-mail.
Tricks Upon Travellers Brighton e-mail.
Triton and Nereid Beverley e-mail.
Undertow Hastings, East Sussex e-mail.
Unkown Pleasures Bolton e-mail.
Utopia Redcar e-mail.
Velvatone Sutton in Ashfield e-mail.
Velvet London e-mail.
Vine Guildford e-mail.
The Void Felixstowe e-mail.
Wake Southampton e-mail.
The Wave Nottingham e-mail.
Weedy Sheffield e-mail.
What Planet? Loughborough e-mail.
White Lee Manchester e-mail.
Whirl London e-mail.
Whoremoan Canvey Island e-mail.
Wild Honey Shropshire e-mail.
Within Huddersfield e-mail.
Wonderland ???? e-mail.
X-Hail Oxford e-mail.
Yorker Warrington e-mail.
What Planet? Loughborough no e-mail.

The Come Ons Dungannon e-mail.
Honey For Christ Belfast e-mail.
Honeysac Portadown e-mail.
Psychotribe Belfast e-mail.
Stripped Ballymena e-mail.
Zerotonin Belfast e-mail.
What Planet? Loughborough no e-mail.


Adrenalins Sound Machine Glasgow e-mail.
Alkahounds Glasgow e-mail.
Angulus Edinburgh e-mail.
Ballboy Edinburgh e-mail.
Bassology Aberdeen e-mail.
Big Steel Glasgow e-mail.
Bigger than Bob Edinburgh e-mail.
Black Atom Auchenblae e-mail.
Bloco Vomit Edinburgh e-mail.
The Bone Machine Falkirk e-mail.
The Boris Yeltsin Love XI Edinburgh e-mail.
Chain Glasgow e-mail.
Chinese Fur Sale Elgin e-mail.
Crambo Glasgow e-mail.
Drift Glasgow e-mail.
The Dylan Rabbit Glasgow e-mail.
FAT Alligator Shotts e-mail.
Fireal Glasgow e-mail.
GhiJK Glasgow e-mail.
High Above Ground Troon e-mail.
Hoodoo Zephyr Aberdeen e-mail.
Huh? Glasgow e-mail.
Huva Edinburgh e-mail.
Kasino Glasgow e-mail.
Lights Out By Nine Fife e-mail.
Little Joe Crow Bo'ness e-mail.
Marlow Glasgow e-mail.
Merocaine Dundee e-mail.
My Legendary Girlfriend Glasgow e-mail.
Ninth Circle Galashiels e-mail.
Omniscience Glasgow e-mail.
Papa Kane Edinburgh e-mail.
The Perfect Body Glasgow e-mail.
Poser Ardrossan e-mail.
Purple Munkie Forres e-mail.
Racin Snakes Dundee e-mail.
Read It And Weep Edinburgh e-mail.
Ripcage Glasgow e-mail.
Riverdog Glasgow e-mail.
The Running W Glasgow e-mail.
Seraphin Glasgow e-mail.
Spleen Glasgow e-mail.
Substate Edinburgh e-mail.
Tin Comic Edinburgh e-mail.
Trash Poets Aberdeen e-mail.
Troma Team Stirling no e-mail.
Well Oiled Sisters Edinburgh e-mail.
Whorde Stirling e-mail.
What Planet? Loughborough no e-mail.


BloomE Carmarthen e-mail.
Breeth Neath e-mail.
Brilliant Sins Cardiff e-mail.
Caduseus Montgomery e-mail.
Common Underground Cardiff e-mail.
Interstate Pontypridd e-mail.
Kosher Cardiff e-mail.
OXyGuM Cardiff e-mail.
Scuba Cardiff e-mail
Strange Days Cardiff e-mail.
Voodoo Magic Valley e-mail.
What Planet? Loughborough no e-mail.

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