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The Beatles Memorabilia Price Guide
The purpose of this guide is to provide accurate information on current market prices for Beatles memorabilia. This is based on a full database of all auction prices over the last fifteen years. Due to the volume of information available, it will take several months to bring this listing up to full size. Updating this was abandoned but the page has been kept in place for interest.

Item. Description. Price.
Street Sign. Enamel street sign "removed" from Abbey Road. Reads, "Abbey Road Borough of St. Marylebone" in red and black lettering on white. (C.8/87). 380.00.
Studio Console. BTR recording console. (S.8/92). 500.00.
Badge. Promo badge as contained with re-issue press kit. 18.00.
Banknote. Bank Of Apple 1,000,000 note. 30.00.
Booklet. "Fresh From Apple", 54 St. James Street. 25.00.
Business card. Tony King's business card. Apple,3 Saville Row. 50.00.
Catalogue. Apple Records catalogue for 1972. 20.00.
Catalogue. Apple Records catalogue for 1973. 20.00.
Catalogue. Apple Records catalogue for 1975. 25.00.
Change Of Address Card. "Apple Have Moved" card.(to 54 St. James Street). 40.00.
Change Of Address Card. "Apple Have Moved" card.(Wigmore Street to Saville Row). 30.00.
Christmas Card. Reads, "Merry Christmas From Apple". 50.00.
Cigarette Lighter. Apple "Zippo" lighter. 200.00.
Compliments Slip. Reads, "With Compliments, Apple Corps Ltd. 3 Saville Row. 20.00.
Cube. Apple fan club cube and envelope. 40.00.
Cushions. Apple cusions (2) and in-house magazines. (S.8/92). 280.00.
Dart Board. Reads, "Apple Records" and "Made In England". 500.00.
Dress. Apple Corps Ltd. Crushed velvet coat-dress. English, circa '67-68. Tomato coloured with puffed upper sleeves, gathered waist, self coloured velvet buttons and yellow acetate lining. Original label woven within. (S.4/88). 200.00.
8-Tracks. Apple 8 track cartridges.(U.K). Price for sealed pack. 10.00.
Envelope. Apple Corps Ltd envelope. 30.00.
Envelope. Apple Films Ltd envelope. 30.00.
Matches. Apple book of matches. 12.00.
Memo Sheet. A4 paper headed, "Apple Memorandum" with "To ... From ... Date ... Subject ..." in green lettering with apple at bottom of page. 15.00.
Mirror. Apple mirror. 500.00.
Money Clip. Aluminium clip with red and green plastic apple. 50.00.
Notepad. Apple notepad. 1990's issue, Japanese. 5.00.
Notepaper. A4 sheet headed, "Apple Corps Ltd.", 54 St. James Street. London W1. Directors: J.O. Lennon, G. Harrison". 20.00.
Notepaper. A4 sheet headed, "Apple Records Inc. 1700 Broadway, New York" in green on white. 25.00.
Notepaper. A4 sheet headed, "Beatles & Co". 3 Saville Row. 60.00.
Notepaper. A4 paper headed, "Words From Apple". 3 Saville Row. 30.00.
Our First Four. Unopened set. 750.00.
Paper Banner. 10" paper banner stating, "A Is For Apple". 10.00.
Paperweight. Swedish Apple paperweight, 1968. (S.8/92). 500.00.
Postcard. Apple. 15.00.
Postcard. Side of Apple building. 6.00.
Postcard. 3 Saville Row. 15.00.
Posters. 3 posters from Apple shop, 1968. (S.8/92). 550.00.
Press Release. Announcing Paul is leaving the group, April 1970. 25.00.
Shop Card. Apple boutique shop hours card and related items. (S.8/92). 380.00.
Sticker. Apple Corps Ltd. Unpeeled acetate sticker. 20.00.
Sticker. Apple Films Ltd. Sticker for film can. 50.00.
Sticker. Apple sticker. 25.00.
Teapot. Apple teapot and cover. (C.4/90). 400.00.
Tie. Apple tie. White with apple on box. 350.00.
Wallet. Apple wallet. 20.00.
Wrist Watch. Apple watch with logo on box. 300.00.

Rub-Ons Cereal Pack. Made by Nabisco. Box of either "Wheat" or "Rice Honeys" illustrated with film characters. Order coupon on side of packet for extra sheets. 50.00.
Scrapbook. 10" X 13" scrapbook with Sgt. Pepper on cover. 80.00.
Stationery. Made by Unicorn Creations. Box of 20 sheets of notepaper with matching envelopes. Eighteen different designs at least. Price per box: 20.00.
Stick-Ons. Made by Dal Manufacturing Corporation. Sheet of coloured plastic stickers featuring The Beatles. 9" X 12" sealed in plastic with insert called "popstickles". 14.00.
Stick-Ons. As above, two different featuring The Glove and submarine. Each: 6.00.
Stick-Ons Display. 19" X20" card display for Yellow Submarine Stick-Ons. Pictures Sgt. Pepper; Beatles; Blue Meanie and submarine. Has "Take One" coupons attached to bottom corner. 120.00.
Sticker Fun Book. Four pages of push-out and colour stickers to put on eight pages of movie scenes.Colour cover features film characters. 40.00.
Sweet Cigarette Cards. Set of 50 cards. 125.00.
Sweet Cigarette Pack. Pack featuring film characters and containing card. Price for empty but complete pack. 40.00.
Switch Plate Cover. Made by Dal Manufacturing. Card light switch cover featuring all four Beatles. 12" X 6". Sealed in polythene with header card. 12.00.

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