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The Beatles In Court

31:12:70. Paul has writs served on John, George and Ringo to start proceedings in the Chancery division of the High Court to dissolve the partnership.
19:01:71. The nine-day court case opens. Paul was the only one to attend and won a two-shilling bet with the courtroom attendant who said John and Yoko would be there to settle old scores in public. During the trial, details were given of the Twickenham Studio sessions and Paul throwing Ringo out of his house.
29:01:71. Allen Klein found guilty in a New York court of "unlawfully failing to make and file return of Federal income taxes".
10:03:71. The High Court appoints Mr. J.D. Spooner as receiver of The Beatles assets. The partnership no longer exists and Klein no longer has power to act for The Beatles. He does, however, still act for John, George and Ringo.
22:01:73. Northern Songs Ltd., Maclen Music Ltd., and Maclen Music Inc., sue John for more than $ 1,000,000. It is claimed that John, with Klein's backing, intentionally and unlawfully violated a 1965 agreement that the company would have exclusive rights to his work, whether written solo or with someone else. Five songs are disputed, all written with Yoko and half copyright claimed by Ono Music Ltd.
28:06:73. Allen Klein and ABKCO sue John for a total of $ 508,000 for allegedly unrepaid loans.
9:09:73. John puts his Ascot home, Tittenhurst Park,up for sale.
18:09:73. Ringo buys Tittenhurst Park,reportedly as an out of court settlement based around John and George's unrepaid loans.
2:11:73. John, George and Ringo raise an action in the High Court against Allen Klein and ABKCO claiming damages for alleged misrepresentation. Klein responds with a counter action for lost fees, commissions and expenses.
10:01:77. All outstanding litigation between Apple and ABKCO is dropped after an out-of-court settlement that gives ABKCO $ 5,000,000 and Apple $ 800,000.

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