Stuart Sutcliffe's Hofner President Bass

Stuart Sutcliffe's Hofner President Bass

Serial Number: Not Available. Year of Manufacture: 1959-60.

Background: In January 1960, Stuart Sutcliffe exhibited a painting in "The Moore's Exhibition" at Liverpool's Walker Art Gallery. The painting was bought by John Moore, the football pools millionaire for 65.

John Lennon who was living with Stuart in a flat at Gambier Terrace, persuaded Stuart to use the money to buy a bass guitar from Frank Hessey's Music Shop in Liverpool and join The Beatles as their bass player.

This is that bass guitar.

Authentication: Signed statement by Astrid Kircherr and Klaus Voorman.

Sold: Sotheby's 28:08:86. Pre-sale Estimate: 10 - 15,000. Sale Price: 9,500.

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