Bob Dylan Books.

Bob Dylan.
Daniel Kramer. 1967. Citadel Press.

A wonderful photographic study of Dylan on tour. Long out of print and rare.

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Bob Dylan: An Illustrated Discography.
Stuart Hoggard and Jim Shields. 1978. Transmedia Express.

This started life as a serialised pull-out in "Sounds" which Stuart filled out and published himself. It scores high for errors and is confusing at best. It should have been left as a music paper guide as it is aimed at the general music fan and not the serious Dylan collector. By the way Stuart: you once borrowed a tape from me to interview Focus but I never got the tape back!

Bob Dyan: An Illustrated History.
Michael Gross. 1978. Elm Tree Books.

A basic history which is well served by some great photographs.

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Bob Dylan: An Intimate Biography.
Anthony Scaduto. 1971. W.H. Allen.

For many years this was regarded as the definitive biography. While it may well have been superceeded, it still survives as a reliable basis to the enigma which is Bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan Approximately - A Portrait Of The Jewish Poet
In Search Of God.
Stephen Pickering. 1975. David McKay Co.

Centred around Bob's 1974 tour, this is worth picking up if only for the photographs.

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Bob Dylan: His Unreleased Recordings.
Paul Cable. 1978. Scorpion/Dark Star.

Until Krogsgaard came along, Paul Cable's book was an essential purchase for any collector, if only for the rumours section at the back. It tackles the concept of set lists in a spreadsheet style which isn't helped by errors in the layout. Badly bound by its publishers (the wonderful Dark Star magazine), the pages fell out if the book saw any serious use!

Bob Dylan In His Own Words.
Miles. 1978. Omnibus Press.

Typical of the "Own Words" series, this takes a number of topics and then fills the pages with Bob's quotes. Out of their real context, quotes from any artist can be misleading so it seems a pointless exercise with Dylan. If it backed the quotes up with info (date,context,interviewer,etc) it might have been a worthwhile project.

Dylan: What Happened?
Paul Williams. 1979. Entwhistle Books.

A personal but worthy perspective covering Dylan's conversion to Christianity. As Dylan seems to have dropped the religion for some time now, it's relevance is mainly historic.

Positively Main Street.
Toby Thompson. 1971. New English Library.

Frankly don't waste your money. This has been described as "Great Fun" and "Brilliantly Ironic" but let's be serious about this. If you want to learn about Thompson's rejections when trying to publish this or take a second hand walk around the echoes of Dylan's past, this is the book for you.

Performed Literature: Words & Music By Bob Dylan.
Betsy Bowden. -. Private publication.

An examination of different versions of 11 of Dylan songs in style and emphasis.

Rain Unravelled Tapes.
Michael Krogsgaard. 1981. ApS.

100 rumoured or legendary tapes which formed the holy grail of Dylan collecting. For many years an essential guide.

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Rolling Thunder Logbook.
Sam Shepard. 1878. Penguin Books.

A missed opportunity, to say the least. This really could have been a great book with lots of colour pics from the tour but what you get is cheap paper, poor reproduction and black and white pics. Best bit has to be the last three pages with Shepard's tale of going to the theatre with Bob. Nothing to do with Rolling Thunder but wild!

Song And Dance Man: The Art Of Bob Dylan.
Michael Gray. 1972. Hart-Davis.

An in-depth critical review of Dylan's work which many class as essential.

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Bob Dylan. 1971. MacGibbon & Kee.

Written in 1966, this rather disjointed but personal work is full of snapshots of people and places. It reads as if written in an amphetamine daze. Watch Eat The Document and read this to get some idea of the crazyness that surrounded Dylan on tour. It was bootegged or should that be "booklegged" long before official publication and was then described as "A Fragmentary Novel"

The Art Of Bob Dylan.
Michael Gray. 1981. Hamlyn.

Revised version of Song And Dance Man.

The Tarantula In Me: Behind Bob Dylan's Novel.
Craig Karpel. 1973. Klonh.

More a book about tarantulas than Dylan. Thankfully it's only 30 pages long.

Tour 1974.
Stephen Pickering. 1974. Echo Echo Publications.

This was privately published by Pickering in a limited edition before the now legendary tour. Copies are extremely rare.

Voice Without Restraint.
John Herdman. 1982. Paul Harris Publications.

Herdman may have the odd valid thought on Dylan and his work but I found it a hard slog - way too dry with very little insight into the man behind the music, which is what we all want.

Book cover

Writings And Drawings.
Bob Dylan. 1973. Jonathan Cape.

All of Dylan's lyrics from "Bob Dylan" to "New Morning" complete with Dylan's own line drawings and repros of his typewritten manuscripts. The first line index and copyright dates are a useful inclusion.

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