Fake News and Fake History in Rock

Today's fake news is tomorrow's fake history. Rock music is full of myths and legends but that isn't good enough for Rockmine. For more than 30 years, I've gone behind the myths to uncover what really happened.

I once interviewed Ray Manzarek at length. During our conversations he recounted the well known story of meeting Jim Morrison on the beach and deciding to form a rock and roll band. He was a bit stumped when I pointed out that Jim used to sit in on the gigs that Ray did with Ed Cassidy at least two years before. Just goes to show that rock stars do start to believe their own legends!

I've carefully deconstructed stories that could have cost millions if published, to reveal the truth. A well-known tabloid newspaper had bought in an affidavit detailing sex and drugs parties at No. 11 Downing Street involving The Beatles and other rock stars. The affidavit also stated that the drugs were supplied by Doctor Robert of the Beatles song. It didn't take long to rip the story apart and reveal that it was merely the members of an Apple band that were dating the then Chancellor Of The Exchequer's daughters.

Sometimes, however, the truth is even stranger than fiction; like the KGB plot to kill Elvis... but that's another story!

I will never verify anything that I cannot confirm from accredited contemporary sources. This is an invaluable resource for newspapers, magazines, radio and television.

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