Jimi Hendrix in drug death riddle

By David Tune

POP STAR Jimi Hendrix died in an ambulance yesterday on the way to hospital.
He was apparently suffering from a drug overdose.
Hendrix, one of the stars of the recent Isle of Wight pop festival, whose blatant sexuality on stage made him the centre of countless controversies, had been found by his beautiful West German girlfriend in a coma in bed at her hotel.
Twenty-three-year-old Monica Danneman called an ambulance and sat weeping beside him as he was driven to hospital.
Westminster Coroner's Office said later : "We suspect a drug overdose." An Inquest will probably be held on Wednesday.
Singer Eric Burdon, a close friend of Hendrix, who was with Miss Danneman, said: "Jimi spent the night at his girl friend's hotel. I don't know exactly what happened. His girl friend is too upset to talk. All I know is that he had taken sleeping tablets.
Police toolk some blankets from Miss Danneman's 5gn.-a-week basement flat at the Samarkand Hotel in Bayswater for forensic tests.
Hendrix had booked into the Cumberland Holel, Marble Arch. on September 6.
He reserved a 17-a-day fifth floor suite but rarely used it. He was last seen in the hotel on Thursday afternoon cleaning his shoes in his suite.
The wild-haired American, who first became famous in Britain, was a legend in the pop world for his talent with the guitar - when he wasn't smashing it on the stage or setting fire to it. He could earn up to 5,000 for a single performance.


His drummer, Mitch Mitchell, said last night : "I'm numb. I cannot believe it yet. I was talking to him last night about our new album and about plans for a new European tour.
Mr. Dick Katz, Hendrix's agent, said: "Underneath his wild look, Jimi was a very gentle person".
Mick Jagger, on a European tour with the Rolling Stones, said in Dusseldorf, West Germany : "we're all stunned. Jimi was a great personal friend and a great musician. I just can't talk about it"
But Jimi Hendrix, then 22, wrote his own epitaph two years ago : "When I die, I want people to play my music, go wild, and freak out an' do anything they wanna do".