I'm shattered says Mick Jagger


POP STAR Jimi Hendrix died in London today after being taken to hospital suffering from an overdose of drugs.
Hendrix, aged 24, was taken to St. Mary Abbots Hospital. Kensington, but was certified dead by a doctor who examined him in the back of the ambulance.
Hendrix and his manager, Gerry Stickells, had been staying in a London hotel recently. About three days ago they moved out, but failed to give their new address to their agents here.
Hendrix's Press agent said this afternoon: "This has come great shock. Only this morning Jimi spoke to his manager and arranged another tour of Germany. He got back from his last trip there last week."
Hendrix was one of the star turns at the recent Isle of Wight pop festival.

Go wild and freak out

His original group, The Jimi Hendrix Experience. was made up mainly of English musicians although he was an American.
Rolling Stone Mck Jagger knew Hendrix well. When I phoned Jagger at his hotel In Dusseldorf, Germany, this afternoon and broke the news to him, there was a long pause, then. " I'm a bit shattered by this, . . I'll have to ring you back. .. " He rang off.
Hendrix was taken to St. Mary Abbots Hospital, Kensington.
He was certified dead by a doctor who examined him in the back of the ambulance.
The grandson of a pure Cherokee Indian. Hendrix was quoted as saying, in 1969: . ' People still mourn when people die. That's self-sympathy, The person who has died ain't crying.
" When I die I want people to play my music, go wild and freak out an' do anything they want to do.... "
Hendrix was discovered working in a New York cel!ar club. He burst on the British pop scene with his record " Hey, Joe" in December 1967.
With his wild mane of frizzy hair, he was once described as making Rolling Stone Mick Jagger look like prime minister Edward Heath, In 1967 he was voted the world's top musician by readers of Melody Maker.