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After two months of running the poll, we thought we'd see how the voting was placed at the moment. Over the next 10 months we'll find out if there's a serious trend being set or we're merely seeing topical voting. Who knows. Remember, if you disagree with the chart - it's down to your vote to change it. Watch this space!
This month we're looking at the current voting for the Best Single and Best Track To Make Love To categories:

Best Single

No. Artist. Title.
1. The Righteous Brothers. You've Lost That Loving Feeling.
2. The Beatles. Yesterday.
3. Queen. Bohemian Rhapsody.
4. Robbie Williams. Angels.
5. Elton John. Candle In The Wind.
6. Nirvana. Smells Like Teen Spirit.
7. The Clash. London Calling.
8. Don Henley. Boys Of Summer.
9. Oasis. Wonderwall.
10. Joy Division. Love Will Tear Us Apart.

Best Track To Make Love To

No. Artist. Title.
1. Robbie Williams. Angels.
2. Madonna. Justify My Love.
3. The Righteous Brothers. Unchained Melody.
4. Eric Clapton. Wonderful Tonight.
5. The Rolling Stones. Almost Hear You Sigh.
6. Marvin Gaye. Let's Get It On (album).
7. Bette Midler. The Rose.
8. Radiohead. High And Dry.
9. Pink Floyd. Echoes.
10. All Saints. Never Ever.

Bubbling Under

No. Artist. Title.
The Beatles. Come Together.
Enigma. I Love You ... I'll Kill You.
Bernard Butler. When You Grow.
Lynyrd Skynyrd. Freebird.

Strictly Tongue In Cheek

No. Artist. Title.
Eric Carmen. All By Myself.
The Rolling Stones. Cocksucker Blues.
Prince. Jack U Off.
Pink Floyd. The Wall (album).

I imagine after all four sides of the last suggestion you'd really be "Comfortably Numb"!

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