April 14th, 1999.
Believe me, if I had known what was going to happen - I wouldn't have got up! I just wasn't prepared. Okay, the family had been going on about "puppies arriving" for weeks but I thought it would be like any other delivery to the house. You know the score; me barking my head off and a parcel guy having fits at the other side of the door - cracks them up every time. That sort of devivery I can cope with. Unfortunately, that wasn't what happened.

I knew I was getting a bit podgy but Harley didn't seem to mind and our owners just kept feeding me. How was I to know what for? Anyway, about 11 this morning, I got the most incredible urge to pee. I knew I couldn't keep it in, so I ran downstairs and barked for the archivist to let me out. Well, he did. I rushed to the grass and the next thing I knew I was peeing gallons. After a few minutes, everything stopped so I went back indoors. I felt fine but my tummy was making the most incredible sounds so I thought I'd find someplace cozy to sleep off the ravages of whatever I'd eaten last night.

Well, in my mind theres only one place if you want real comfort - the owners' bed, so that's where I headed. I got up on it, re-arranged the pillows and, because it was quite warm, pushed back the duvet. So, there I am having a pleasant kip when the next thing I hear is a sqeak. I looked up to find a small black hairy thing had appeared as if by magic next to my rear end. It was then that I knew the day had just taken a turn for the worse. I could cope with someone else on the bed but they'd managed to let's just say "soil" the sheet more than a little.

There was no way I was taking the rap for this so I decided to face of the new arrival. Didn't know quite what it was. It's eyes were covered over and it was covered in a rather attractive smelling (and tasty) wrapping. I think it was about then that I came over all misty eyed and, rather than telling it off, I found myself cradling the young interloper to my many breasts. .

Now, I have to say that until this point I was handling things pretty well. There was a slight problem with a wrecked bed (and I mean WRECKED) and a small furry thing that mysteriously appeared but I knew I could come up with an excuse - I'd blame everything on Harley! There I am, sorting things out in my mind when there's an almighty noise from my back end and another one pops out. I think I must have barked and passed out because the next thing I rememeber was the archivist sitting on the bed rubbing a third one with a towel (actually the archive wife's bathrobe - and guess who never wore that again?).

Talking of the archive wife. If she's wondering why this isn't finished, I'll explain when I see her at 6. It's 4.50 now, so I better head in to do the shopping with the archivist.......

The Puppies Arrive. Image will go up tonight, okay????

The calm before the storm

Looking for food

Taking a rest

Pups close up