Press Conference

Sex Pistols Press Conference.

The Sex Pistols returned to the 100 Club in London's Oxford Street on Monday 18th March to announce that they had buried their respective hatchets and decided to reform the band. The press conference they held provided photographers with a collection of "V" signs and other "punkish" gestures and journalists with a variety of typical witicisms that had characterised their earlier career.

Johnny Rotten did most of the talking. Here are just a few of his quotes:
Talking about the feuding that stopped any previous reunion: "We don't see eye to eye but we have a common interest - your money. It is highly likely that we will just beat the crap out of each other in the first three seconds of the show."
About Sid:"I was going to put a funeral urn on the table in his place today but unfortunately his ashes were blown all over Heathrow Airport some time ago. I would have needed a Hoover. But this is the original Pistols - Sid was nothing more than a coat hanger to fill an empty space on stage."
About the monarchy: "We are not trying to bring it down any more. Our very good fifth member, Lady Di, is doing an excellent job. We offered to do a benefit for her because she needs the cash."
About the money: "If you want to complain about people grabbing money, look at all the trashy little pop stars of today. Perhaps this is daylight robbery but who cares?"
About being a bunch of old farts: "I've enough old farts to spread over you lot if you don't shut your mouth. Like a fine wine I've matured with age. We love our beer bellies and you will too."
About the audience spitting: "I never appreciated it. Spit this time and I'll retaliate more than in kind."
About Top Of The Pops: "We'll never perform on that show - it's so bad. But if they paid us, who knows?"
About Rehearsing: "We won't bother. You know these songs as well as we do. I bet you play them better as well."
About their ageing fans: "I'm worried about the geriatrics that'll turn up. I hope it rains and they get their wheelchairs stuck in the mud."

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