Sex Pistols Diary : 1976.

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12th February The Sex Pistols open for Eddie & the Hot Rods at the Marquee. It's the band's first public London date. Under a headline, "Don't look over your shoulder but the Sex Pistols are coming", journalist Neil Spencer refers to their "60's styled white punk rock". He also reports Steve Jones' comment that "Actually, we're not into music, we're into chaos", in the 'NME'.
14th February The Sex Pistols play at London aesthete Andrew Logan's Valentine's Ball.
20th February Future Buzzcocks Howard Trafford (Devoto) and Pete McNiesh (Shelley) drive down to High Wycombe to see the Sex Pistols.

30th March The Sex Pistols play the relatively prestigious 100 Club in Central London. They respond with a suitably chaotic set.

4th April The Sex Pistols play the first night of a residency at the El Paradiso club in Soho, London. Rotten tells 'Sounds': "I hate shit. I hate hippies and what they stand for. I hate long hair. I hate pub bands . . . I want people to see us and start something, or else I'm just wasting my time".
23rd April A Sex Pistols' appearance at the Nashville, London, generates an 'NME' mini-feature after a fight breaks out.

11th May The Sex Pistols return to the 100 Club and begin a Tuesday night residency.
20th May The Sex Pistols record a session with guitarist/producer Chris Spedding.

4th June The Sex Pistols play Manchester Lesser Free Trade Hall, a show organised by Devoto and Shelley. Less than 100 people turn up - more than 1,000 later claim to have been there.

4th July The Clash debut at the Black Swan, Sheffield, opening for the Sex Pistols.
6th July Another new name is unveiled at a Sex Pistols' gig. This time, it's the Damned at the 100 Club, boasting a drummer known as Scabies - Rat Scabies.
13th July The first punk fanzine, 'Sniffin' Glue . . . And Other Rock'n'Roll Habits' launches. Edited by former bank clerk Mark P(erry), it includes pieces on the Ramones, the Runaways, the Stranglers and Blue Oyster Cult.
18th July Engineer Dave Goodman records the Sex Pistols in the band's Denmark Street rehearsal studio.
20th July Buzzcocks debut at the Sex Pistols' return trip to Manchester.

29th August The Sex Pistols, Clash and Buzzcocks appear at the Screen On The Green in Islington, London.

3rd September Sex Pistols play Paris. The so-called Bromley Contingent follow them there.
4th September The Sex Pistols feature on Granada TV's 'So It Goes'.
13th September 'Melody Maker' devotes a page to the meaning of Punk Rock.
20th September The 100 Club Punk Festival takes place over two nights. Many first-wave punk bands appear, including Subway Sect, Siouxsie & the Banshees, the Clash, the Sex Pistols, the Stinky Toys, the Damned, the Vibrators and the Buzzcocks. Beer glasses are thrown and the tabloid press pick up on punk's veneer of violence. 'Sounds' and 'Melody Maker' respond with major features on 'punk rock'.

9th October The Sex Pistols sign to EMI for 40,000. A spokesman for the label says: "They've got to happen for all our sakes.".
10th October The Sex Pistols enter Lansdowne Studios with producer Dave Goodman.
14th October They try again, this time with EMI staff producer Mike Thorne.
17th October Now with Chris Thomas at the controls, the Pistols record at Wessex Studios.

19th November Sex Pistols' debut 45, "Anarchy In The U.K.", is 'Sounds' magazine's single of the week.
28th November Punk rock gets the LWT treatment on 'The London Weekend Show', hosted by Janet Street-Porter.
29th November The Sex Pistols' show at Lancaster Poly is banned by authorities who don't want "that sort of filth in the town limits".

1st December The Sex Pistols appear on the 'Today' show. The host, Bill Grundy: "Say something outrageous." Steve Jones: "You dirty bastard ... You dirty fucker ... What a fuckin' rotter!" The TV station is deluged with complaints, one irate lorry driver puts his foot through his television screen in disgust.
2nd December Several dates on the Pistols' proposed 'Anarchy' U.K. tour are cancelled in the wake of tabloid headlines like 'The Filth And The Fury'.
3rd December More tour cancellations, as the 'Daily Mail' editorialises under the heading 'Never Mind The Morals Or Standards, The Only Notes That Matter Come In Wads'.
4th December The Sex Pistols refuse to 'audition' for Derby town councillors, who promptly ban that evening's show.
6th December Now trimmed down from 19 dates to just three, the 'Anarchy' tour - featuring the Sex Pistols, the Damned, the Clash and Johnny Thunders' Heartbreakers - kicks off at Leeds Poly.
7th December At EMI Records' AGM, chairman Sir John Read admonishes the band and says, "We shall do everything we can to restrain their public behaviour".
9th December The 'Anarchy' tour rolls into Manchester, where the Buzzcocks come on board.
19th December With so many cancellations on the tour, the band return to Manchester's Electric Ballroom - one of the few venues that will accept them.
19th December Paul Cook's mother tells The Daily Mail that Steve is no longer welcome at home. She's going to turn his bedroom into a dining room.

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