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Music Papers & Magazines With David Bowie Covers

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NME 1972-07-15
Bowie Zowie.
NME 1973-03-17
New Single; Tour
NME 1973-04-14
Bowie Album Exclusive
NME 1973-05-19
Bowie Fiasco
£ Price £ Price £ Price £ Price
NME 1973-07-07
Bowie Quits
NME 1973-07-14
My Next Move - David Bowie
NME 1973-10-27
Bowie At Marquee
NME 1974-02-23
David Caps V Good Year.
£ Price £ Price £ Price £ Price
NME 1974-11-16
Aladdin Fatigues
NME 1975-03-15
Bowie: His Final Flirtation?
NME 1975-05-11
David On Desolation Row
NME 1975-08-23
...Hitler's On His Way Back
£ Price £ Price £ Price £ Price
Observer Magazine 1987-04-12
Issue 15
The Booth Theatre Playbill
David In The Elephant Man
Rolling Stone 1972-11-09
Issue 121
Rolling Stone 1976-02-12
Issue 206
£ Price £ Price £ Price £ Price
Issue 15
Issue 16
Issue 17

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