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Kate Bush - Cathy

Privately published 1986 in a small limited edition of unknown size by Kindlight, Kent.

Size: 180 mm X 245 mm.

Hessian bound carrying the blocked, embossed lettering "Cathy" on front and lower spine.

130 un-numbered pages. The book opens with four standard pages giving the background to the book. It then changes to die cut pages carrying John Carder Bush's thoughts about the photo on the following page. The die-cut pages offer a frame for the photos, which are revealed in full as the pages are turned.

Housed in thin card slip case with doesn't match up to the quality of the book.

Here's John Carder Bush's description of the book at the time of publishing: "Cathy gives a fascinating glimpse into the childhood of a young person who has grown into the remarkable and famous adult. As she poses for the photographs, often at times snatched after school, an image builds up of what this little girl's world was like. These innocent moments are linked with the thoughts and memories of her photographer-brother as he printed and prepared the pictures for publication. Cathy contains neither gossip nor scandal. It is a gentle, very personal view of childhood, and for those already familiar with Kate as a modern-day artist, it is a treasure-trove of echoes and evocations."

This really is impossible to find. None of the usual sources: AbeBooks, EIL or eBay have it. Extremely rare! Near mint condition.


Worldwide insured shipping included.

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