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Packing & Shipping

The Contents

Due to the extreme fragility of the boxes, it's difficult and expensive to ship them made up. As a result, I'm carefully flattening the boxes, removing the contents and sending them flat in rigid corrugated card envelopes.

1/B: Ray recounts the hilarious details of how Jim couldn't make the Amsterdam gig in 1968 (dope, paramedics and rubber sheets!!). He then explains the story of Jim and the soul of the dead Indian. After that, he goes on to "An American Prayer."

2/A: Ray again, on bringing The Doors "Full Circle" and getting back together to work on Jim's poetry. Details of the drunken poetry sessions (Jim's birthday present to himself) and the famous 'phone call to Michael McLure.

2/B: Back to the start of The Doors with the previously unheard story of signing to CBS and being put on the "drop list". Ray then picks some of his favourite Doors tracks as a personal choice and covers "Celebration Of The Lizard".

The Memorabilia

The Contents

Each box carries a selection of cuttings reproduced actual size and in the style of real cuts covering Jim's arrest and death.

All boxes include a reproduction of the 1967 interview with the legendary "Mojo Navigator" magazine and a framable advert for the "Middle Earth" gig, which carries the same number as the box.

The tapes were recorded on full I.B.A. spec equipment for radio broadcast but these 40 minutes are unheard until now. They were recorded in 1983 (at Anouska Hempel's Blake's Hotel) during The Doors visit to London to promote "Alive She Cried". Mastering and cutting were done at the world famous Abbey Road Studios. It should, however, be remembered that these were informal discussions with the band and include some background noises.

There are less than 30 copies left!

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