The Beatles - Let It Be US Promo Stills, 1970

I found these in 1990 at my first international record fair at Espace Champarret in Paris. There are 17 in total but as you can see, that's not the complete set. I have no idea how many there originally were.

What I do know is that these are iconic images of the world's greatest band, slowly falling apart. The condition is much as it was when I bought them (for a not inconsiderable amount) and they have been carefully stored since.

All are approx 8" x 10" (207mm X 254mm). U.K. post and packing is included in the stated price. If you're outside the U.K., please mail for postage rates.

LIB-1 Slight yellowing to edges. LIB-2 Slight yellowing to edges. LIB-5 Slight crease across top right margin.
£ 95 £ 90 £ 95
Currently on eBay
LIB-6 Slight foxing to edge. LIB-18 Slight yellowing to edges. LIB-8 Foxing to top edge and bottom right corner.
£ 85 £ 95 £ 65
LIB-7 Slight yellowing to edges. LIB-9 Slight foxing to top and right margins. John's expression is great. LIB-14 Slight foxing to left margin. Slight yellowing on edges. Stunning Image!
£ 90 £ 95 £ 110
LIB-12 Slight yellowing to edges. LIB-15 Slight foxing to left and right margins. LIB-16 Foxing on all corners and onto photo.
£ 75 £ 90 £ 90
Currently on eBay
LIB-3 Slight yellowing to edges. LIB-11 Slight yellowing to edges.
£ 105 £ 95
LIB-10 Slight yellowing to edges. LIB-13 Slight yellowing to edges. LIB-19 Slight foxing to all margins.
£ 90 £ 75 £ 75

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