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George Harrison - Konnichiwa

Possibly the rarest of all Genesis Publications books

Size: 80 mm X 42 mm.

One of only 32 copies known to ave been made. George commissioned Genesis to produce 30 as gifts for him to give during his tour of Japan.

Rockmine was lucky enough to obtain two of these incredibly rare items. One was sold many years ago to a well known Beatles dealer. The other, this copy has been held in our collection until now.


Worldwide insured shipping included.

The book consists of black front and end papers with 16 cream pages set in a hand bound leather cover. The cover beards the black embossed block type "Konnichiwa" and gold blocked Japanese script.

Page 1: "Here Comes The Sun", second verse.
Page 3: :"I Want To Tell You", first verse.
Page 5: "See Yourself", first verse.
Page 7: "The Inner Light", first verse.
Page 9: "Something", second verse (illustrated left).
Page 11: "My Sweet Lord", first verse.
Page 13: "Run Of The Mill", first verse.
Page 15: "All Things Must Pass", first verse.

The book is in pristine condition. Any discolouration on the cover as seen in the scan above seems to be a problem with scanning black leather. The cover has no visible marks or stains.

Included with this incredible item is a single page of instructions (pictured left) from Brian Roylance, founder of Genesis Publications to Jim Mason of Hunter & Foulis Bookbinders in Edinburgh.

Measurements and other addenda have been added in a second hand and ink colour. Most notable of these is "30 for GH".

This item has been sold

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