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George Harrison - Songs By George Harrison Volume 2

1992. Genesis Publications.

Book Size: 180 mm X 255 mm.
Box Size: 200 mm X 283 mm.

Hand-bound in black leather and buckram. 180 gilt edged pages. In black solander box with sliding drawer that holds a four-track CD.

The book carries the signature of Keith West, the illustrator but not George's. It also carries no number and does not state it is a review copy. Once again, a highly collectable item outwith the limited edition.

The CD has the following unreleased tracks:

Life Itself (demo version); Hottest Gong In Town; Tears Of The World; Hari's On Tour Express (live in Washington D.C., 1974).

The image on the left shows the front and rear of the CD sleeve along with the disc.


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