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During the mid-1970s, Ringo Starr had a succesful career designing furniture with his partner Robin Cruikshank.
These are some examples of their work taken from their adverts in "Design" magazine at the time. In many cases, the furniture proves to be difficult to identify as many pieces carried no makers labels or marks.

The Laid Back setee

The LAID BACK sette and chairs are made with chromium-plated steel tubing, and may be covered in suede, hide, Valentino fabrics, or anything you care to choose. The LEANING TABLE is glass with a planter in the top of its stainless steel support.

City Slicker desk, Square chair, etc

The CITY SLICKER desk, SQUARE CHAIR and FLASH HARRY drawer units shown here are part of a range of furniture designed for office or home by Ringo and Robin. For a better idea of how they'd work for you, visit Ringo and Robin's Thameside showroom to see their furniture in a variety of fabrics and finishes. (For example see the CITY SLICKER and FLASH HARRY in yew wood).

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