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The original Rolling Stones was a 1920's dance hall orchestra.
Before joining the Stones, Brian was part of a duo called Lewis and Ponds. He worked under the name of Elmo Lewis, a tribute to his love of the blues. His partner, vocalist Paul Pond was offered the job of Stones front man but his agent said he had a promising career ahead in the theatre. So, Mick got the job and Pond sank into relative obscurity with Manfred Mann and The Blues Band. He was of course, Paul Jones.
Meredith Hunter is remembered as the man stabbed to death at Altamont by the Hell's Angels policing the event. Another man died after falling into an irrigation ditch and drowning. He has never been identified.
No-one bothered to invite the Stones to the Beatle's party celebrating the launch of "A Hard Day's Night", so Bill, Brian and Keith gatecrashed it.
Bill's history of the Stones is chronicled on an Apple Mac.
David Bailey is known as the photographer of half a dozen Stones album covers. He even had Mick as best man when he married Catherine Deneuve so it's no surprise that he planned to make a film with the Stones in 1966. The film was never made. It's title: "The Assassination Of Mick Jagger".
Before his marriage to Bianca,Mick undertook four weeks tuition in Catholocism with Abbe Lucien Baud.
Charlie and Shirley were married in Bradford Registry Office in Yorkshire.
Ron Wood's brother Ted, was a member of the Temperance Seven who had a number one with "You're Driving Me Crazy" in 1961.
The promo film for "We Love You" was banned by the BBC but shown elsewhere. It was directed by Peter Whitehead and was an adaptation of " The Trials Of Oscar Wilde" with Mick as Oscar, Keith as the Marquis and Marianne as Bosie.
On Mick's birthday in 1968, Tony Sanchez opened the Vessuvio Club in London's Tottenham Court Road. He was rumoured to be a front for the real owners who were Mick and Keith. They were sick of being ripped off in all the other clubs, so decided to open their own.
Brian Jones used to go train spotting with Ian Stewart.
Ian Stewart,was a Scotsman.
Mick and Keith first became friends at Wentworth County Primary School when they were about five.
Brian worked in the sports department of Whiteley's department store in London until he was sacked for stealing.

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