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Rockmine is Europe's largest independent commercial rock music archive, established in 1985. It's built around four enormous collections: the written word, video, audio and ephemera/memorabilia

Changes To European Copyright Law

The new European copyright law will mean a huge change in the way that researchers can source material. Sites like and YouTube among many others will now be liable for books, magazines and videos which are uploaded without the permission of the copyright owners. They will soon have to have upload filters and may even not be available in some countries. Once again, people will have to resort to manual searching of libraries and archives like Rockmine.

The Written Word Archive

Rockmine has more than 33,000 music papers and fanzines currently in digital or hard stock. There are more than 17,000 digital copies of daily papers as well as several hundred thousand cuttings. Add to that, thousands of non-music magazines with features or in-depth articles on groups and musicians and a huge archive of police and F.B.I. files, wills, lawsuits and other legal documents. If that wasn't enough, there are also about 7,000 books on every aspect of rock, pop and related genres. It really does make it the largest resource outside the British Library.

The Video Archive

From 1988 to 2010, Rockmine had a massive polar satellite system, capable of receiving the rock and pop output from every station carried from PanAmSat in the west, to Kopernicus in the east, as well as all the direct feeds to Europe. Everything was recorded onto tape of various formats. Much has already been digitized. I also traded with collectors and musicians around the world to build up a formidable resource that is just part of the archive. It has also provided the source for Rockmine's book, "Rock & Pop On Television" in 2011. That will not now be updated for sale but provide the background for the searchable archive.

The Audio Archive

As well as more than 75,000 official releases, Rockmine has more than 25,000 hours of out-takes, studio demos, interviews and live performances acquired in over 40 years of collecting.

The Ephemera & Memorabilia Archive

This was once vast, containing everything from Jimi Hendrix peacock feather waistcoat to Mick Jones "Combat Rock" bespoke Bond guitar but now concentrates on paper items, flyers and posters.

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