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The Written Word Archive

This is the largest of Rockmine's archives. It's made up of eight sections: music papers, fanzines, the underground/alternative press, music books, daily papers, magazines, cuttings and legal documents.

The Music Paper Archive

Take a browse through the list of music papers currently in stock. They're available for research by any branch of the media and also as props for film or television work. Post Covid-19 lockdown, with libraries opening on a restricted basis, I can bring my digital archive to you, wherever you are for a daily rate. Rockmine will also be happy to undertake any research for you at a standard hourly rate. Needless to say, I would be pleased to fill any gaps in the collection. To this end I have thousands of music papers from the late 1970s to mid 1990s for trade.

The Fanzine Archive

This has grown enormously in the past year and as a result I have given a page of its own. Collections exist of many titles but I also have more than 1,100 individual copies of different fanzines.

The Underground/Alternative Press Archive

Born in the Beat Culture of the 1950s, the Underground Press blossomed in the 1960s with the explosion of youth culture. Music was inextricably linked with sex, drugs and politics and covered in a way ignored by the mainstream press. From the first mimeographed sheets like the Ann Arbor Sun, through iconic papers like International Times and Oz to the late '70s city-based papers like Edinburgh City Lynx, it's all here.

The Library

Rockmine stocks most of the seminal books on rock and pop, covering nearly every related genre and style. This would be a vast library by any standard but remember it's just a section of the written word archive.

Daily Papers

Having once bought every British national daily newspaper, I've cut down in the last ten years. Now the collection is centred on more than 18,000 searchable digital copies. Important rock/pop related covers from the last three decades have been kept for posterity. Thankfully nearly everything else is being moved onto hard drives instead of a 160 square foot steel shipping container.

The Magazine And Cuttings Collections

From Adam Ant in Interiors to Mick Jagger in Playgirl, rock and pop stars turn up on the covers of all sorts of magazines and Rockine stocks a lot of them. Thousands of them to be totally inexact! Usually written by non-rock journalists, these articles and interviews often bring a different perspective to what would normally be found in the likes of Q, Mojo and other similar journals.

If you think that Rockmine's archive is big, then the cuttings collection is MUCH BIGGER. Hundreds of thousands of reports taken from most U.K. daily papers for the past thirty odd years along with online news services from around the world for the last twenty-four. If that isn't enough, I'm going back through daily papers from 1956 to pull out every story related to pop and rock.

The Legal Document Archive

Autopsy reports, police files, court transcripts, judgements, F.B.I. files, divorce petitions and wills, they're all here. You wouldn't believe the amount of information these contain. Lisa Marie Presley's divorce petition against Michael Jackson included the complaint by Jordy Chandler against the prince of pop which had previously been sealed by the courts. The F.B.I. files on "The King" featured credible fears of a KGB plot to kill him whilst on duty in Germany. Legal papers often carry a wealth of information unavailable elsewhere. Papers for Phil Spector's murder case for example clearly listed all his other complaints and arrests, even when charges were not pressed.

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