Rockmine Trivia

Near Misses.

Accidental or self-inflicted near-fatalities that have dogged rock stars through the years.

Name. Date. What happened.
Peter Cetera. 20-05-71. Street fight.
Eric Clapton. May 1975. Car crash.
Bob Dylan. 1967. Motorcycle crash.
Brian Epstein. 15-09-66. Overdose of pills.
Marianne Faithfull. 08-07-69. Attempted suicide.
Eric Faulkner. 14-04-76. Overdose of pills.
Al Green. 19-10-73. Attacked with boiling grits.
Bob Marley. 04-12-76. Gun shot.
Patti Smith. 16-01-77. Broken neck.
Mike Stoller. 25-07-56. Ship Wreck.
Sid Vicious. 23-09-78. Attempted suicide.
Gary Thain. 15-09-74. Electrocution.
Muddy Waters. 11-10-69. Car crash.
Bill Wyman. 27-03-65. Electrocution.

to be continued

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