Rockmine Trivia

Please note: Most of this section of Rockmine has not been updated since last century! Broken links and missing files have been removed and what remains is left here for public interest.

Who sang that hit? A handy guide to most U.K. chart hits and who sang them.
Get a proper job They've given up being actors, models, even sheet metal workers to be rock stars. Who did what?
The name game As well as the biggest collection of rockers' real names anywhere on the planet, you'll also find some blues-men, pop idols and jazz musicians here. This surely has to be the ultimate trivia list!
Near misses The ones that the grim reaper has tried for and failed to get - so far.
OD and out A collection of the sad and heroic heroes of rock that didn't make it thanks to drink or drugs.
UK number one singles All the number ones from 1952 to 1995.
UK's richest rock stars Just who topped the money making charts in 1993, 1994, 1996.

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