U.K's Richest Rock Stars 1993.

This is the "chart" of the U.K.'s richest rock stars. In part it is based on the listing of Britain's 400 richest people published by The Sunday Times on 4th April 1993. Additional information is taken from public records available through Companies House and other public domain sources. It is possible that these do not include all incomes from overseas territories.
While some stars like Elton John are happy to list the salary paid to their company's sole employee (themselves), others are not. Therefore this can never be considered a full and fair evaluation of the wealth of the stars listed.
"*" indicates a tied place. In other words two or more stars share the same amount of wealth.

No. Name. (Age). Wealth.
1. Paul McCartney (50). 400 million.
Deals in the past year included a reported 30 million from ABC TV for rights to Paul's world tour and 2 million for the world rights to his biography from Heinemann.
2. Elton John (46). 120 million.
Elton and Bernie Taupin signed a 26 million deal with Time Warner to market their compositions. During the year Elton also found time to set up the Elton John Aids Foundation.
3. Mick Jagger. (49). 90 million.
The usual up-and-down year for Jagger with constant rumours of divorce haunting him. Much of his wealth can be attributed to his financial adviser, Prince Rupert Lowenstein.
4. George Michael. (29). 80 million.
This year's listing for George includes his 50 million, 15 year contract with Sony. That is soon to be contested in the High Court, so we seem certain to see a drop in the next year.
5. Keith Richards. (49). 70 million.
Thanks to a 50 million deal with Virgin and property in New York, Connecticut, Jamaica, London and Paris. Keith is one of rock's financial aristocracy.
6. Mark Knopfler. (43). 60 million.
Having recently finished a three-year world tour with receipts of 70 million and the biggest selling CD album of all time (Brothers In Arms), Knopfler can have few financial worries.
6*. Pete Waterman. (46). 60 million.
A former British Rail fireman, Waterman started a record company in 1984 and had an astonishing 100 hits in the next five years. Although mainly a producer, he is listed here as he is frequently credited as performer.
8. Cliff Richard. (52). 45 million.
Originally listed as having more wealth, Cliff has been downgraded since it was discovered that he gives 500,000 a year to charity.
9. Bernie Taupin. (42). 35 million.
See: Elton John (listed number 2).
10. Dave Stewart. (40). 30 million.
Huge international sales for Eurythmics and his standing as a world class producer have contributed to Stewart's listing.
11. George Harrison. (50). 25 million.
Despite his low profile, George is still sitting on a substantial fortune.
11*. Rod Stewart. (47). 25 million.
13. Bill Wyman. (54). 25 million.
Bill's bank balance was not helped by a 500,000 divorce settlement for Mandy Smith
14. Phil Collins. (42). 22 million.
15. David Bowie. (46). 20 million.

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