U.K's Richest Rock Stars 1994.

This is the "chart" of the U.K.'s richest rock stars. In part it is based on the listing of Britain's 400 richest people published by The Sunday Times on 4th April 1993. Additional information is taken from public records available through Companies House and other public domain sources. It is possible that these do not include all incomes from overseas territories.
While some stars like Elton John are happy to list the salary paid to their company's sole employee (themselves), others are not. Therefore this can never be considered a full and fair evaluation of the wealth of the stars listed.
"*" indicates a tied place. In other words two or more stars share the same amount of wealth.

No. Name. (Age). Wealth.
1. Paul McCartney (51). 400 million.
Although box office receipts for Paul's US tour grossed $ 21 million, he saw a decline in profits from MPL and Maclen.
2. Elton John (47). 130 million.
Elton's fortune continues to grow in the main as a result of royalty receipts more than doubling. His spending increased as well with the purchase of 3 ajoining apartments in Atlanta for 3 million and a further 4 million to knock them together and fill them with furniture.
3. Mick Jagger. (50). 90 million.
With no tour or new album there was no increase in Mick's substantial wealth in the past year.
4. Keith Richards. (50). 70 million.
Keith goes up a place from last year but there is no change to the size of his fortune.
5. Phil Collins. (43). 60 million.
A dramatic jump from 14th position due in part to massive box office returns - at least 1 million per show.
6. Mark Knopfler. (43). 60 million.
Although Mark wasn't working during the last year, spending on a 1.5 million house in Chelsea for himself and his new girlfriend was balanced out by royalty payments.
7. George Michael. (30). 50 million.
Still caught up in his court case with Sony, George's salary has diminished. His company receipts show turnover dropped from 26.7 million in 1988 to 20,000 in 1992.
8. Pete Waterman. (47). 40 million.
Pete Waterman Ltd showed losses of 1.9 million in 1991 and 2.5 million in 1992. His spending on classic cars and rare fish ( 100,000 on a Koi Carp) also contributed to a 20 million drop in his fortunes.
9. Bernie Taupin. (43). 35 million.
Up one place, but no change in his bank balance. Bernie now owns one of L.A.'s top restaurants. See also: Elton John (listed number 2).
10. Eric Clapton. (49). 30 million.
Twenty years on from near bankruptcy, Eric joins the list for the first time. Forbes listed his earnings for 1992 and 1993 as $ 14 million and $ 19 million.
10*. Dave Stewart. (41). 30 million.
A drop in income after the break up of the Eurythmics is matched by increased takings from album and video production as well as management.
10*. Sting. (42). 30 million.
New on the chart thanks to nearly 21 million income from royalties alone between 1986 and 1991.
13. George Harrison. (51). 25 million.
Although George lost a huge amount with Handmade Films, the losses were balanced out by Beatles royalty payments.
13*. Rod Stewart. (47). 25 million.
Rod should be worth about 60 million but payments to ex wives and girlfriends (including 10 million to Kelly Emberg) keeps him with the same pile as last year
15. Bill Wyman. (57). 24 million.
There may have been no tour and album income but Bill's many outside interests - property and restaurants included - keep him at last year's level.
16. David Bowie. (47). 20 million.
David keeps last year's position and balance despite buying Iman a 2 million castle in Ireland as a wedding present and a 2 million home on the Caribbean island of Mustique

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