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The Audition Room differs from all other unsigned artist sites on the web. It's part of Rockmine, rated one of the Top 5 rock sites and number 22 of ALL general entertainment sites on the planet. We have a reputation for providing quality information for free and we'll build on that with the Audition Room. Unlike other sites, we won't try and bombard you with hundreds of bands to trawl through. What you get here is a pleasurable site to browse through with lots going on.

Auditioning Bands.

The latest sounds from the newest bands to sign up for an audition.

Previous Auditions.

If you missed them first time around, there's no problem as you can check out the archive. Just remember, a month is a long time in the unsigned band scene - there's no guarantee these bands sound the same or even exist now.

Band Directory.

There's a lot of unsigned talent spread across the web. Here are our links to the bands and musicians we know about.

DIY Label Directory.

The sub-indie scene is alive and kicking as this selection of home-based labels proves. These mini labels are the cutting edge of music and work their butts off to get the latest sounds to you. Get a life, get your own label - or support one of these!

Mailing List.

Exchange views with other bands. Contact managers and radio pluggers or just publicise your latest project or your new web site. Subscribe now.

How to take part.

Want to get your band an audition. Here's how you do it.

The Label.

Rockmine's label with a difference. We don't sell discs. All distribution is by the web and you're in profit the very first time your music's downloaded. No advances - but no debt either and you get $ 1 for every "single" downloaded (at a cost of $ 2). Further details here.

The Audition Room Vol. 1.

Past and present auditioning bands gathered together on a 5 inch silver disc. This highly collectable "freebie" goes to DJs, reviewers and A&R men but we're also making a limited quantity available on demand.

Free Classified Ads.

If you're looking for band members, instruments or a place to plug your gigs and demos for free, you've just found it.

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