U.K. Number Ones 1952-59.

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This list of number one singles is based on charts published in New Musical Express. The dates given are for publication of the magazine - the Saturday follwing the actual publication on a Wednesday. The chart would therefore be the current one at the time of going to press.

The New Musical Express has been used as it has provided the most consistent charts since the magazine first published a British "Hit Parade" in 1952.

        15:11:52.    Al Martino.                           Here In My Heart.

        03:01:53.    Al Martino.                           Here In My Heart.
        17:01:53.    Jo Stafford.                          You Belong To Me.
        24:01:53.    Kay Starr.                         Comes A-Long A-Love.
        31:01:53.    Eddie Fisher.                        Outside Of Heaven.
        07:02:53.    Perry Como.       Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes.
        14:03:53.    Guy Mitchell.                   She Wears Red Feathers.
        11:04:53.    Stargazers.                               Broken Wings.
        18:04:53.    Lita Roza.     (How Much Is) That Doggie In The Window.
        25:04:53.    Frankie Laine.                               I Believe.
        27:06:53.    Eddie Fisher.                   I'm Walking Behind You.
        04:07:53.    Frankie Laine.                               I Believe.
        15:08:53.    Mantovani.                                Moulin Rouge.
        22:08:53.    Frankie Laine.                               I Believe.
        12:09:53.    Guy Mitchell.                        Look At That Girl.
        24:10:53.    Frankie Laine.                                 Hey Joe.
        07:11:53.    David Whitfield.                             Answer Me.
        14:11:53.    Frankie Laine.                               Answer Me.

        09:01:54.    Eddie Calvert.                            Oh Mein Papa.
        13:03:54.    Stargazers.                             I See The Moon.
        17:04:54.    Doris Day.                                 Secret Love.
        24:04:54.    Stargazers.                             I See The Moon.
        01:05:54.    Johnnie Ray.                              Such A Night.
        08:05:54.    Doris Day.                                 Secret Love.
        03:07:54.    David Whitfield.                              Cara Mia.
        11:09:54.    Kitty Kallen.                 Little Things Mean A Lot.
        18:09:54.    Frank Sinatra.               Three Coins In A Fountain.
        09:10:54.    Don Cornell.                              Hold My Hand.
        06:11:54.    Vera Lynn.                               My Son My Son.
        20:11:54.    Don Cornell.                              Hold My Hand.
        27:11:54.    Rosemary Clooney.                       This Ole House.
        04:12:54.    Winifred Atwell.              Let's Have Another Party.

        08:01:55.    Dickie Valentine.                  Finger Of Suspicion.
        15:01:55.    Rosemary Clooney.                       Mambo Italiano.
        22:01:55.    Dickie Valentine.                  Finger Of Suspicion.
        05:02:55.    Rosemary Clooney.                       Mambo Italiano.
        19:02:55.    Ruby Murray.                            Softly, Softly.
        12:03:55.    Tennessee Ernie Ford.                Give Me Your Word.
        30:04:55.    Perez "Prez" Prado & His Orchestra.
                                        Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White.
        14:05:55.    Tony Bennett.                     Stranger In Paradise.
        28:05:55.    Perez "Prez" Prado & His Orchestra.
                                        Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White.
        25:06:55.    Jimmy Young.                          Unchained Melody.
        16:07:55.    Alma Cogan.                                  Dreamboat.
        30:07:55.    Slim Whitman.                               Rose Marie.
        15:10:55.    Jimmy Young.                      The Man From Laramie.
        12:11:55.    Johnston Brothers.                 Hernando's Hideaway.
        26:11:55.    Bill Haley & His Comets.         Rock Around The Clock.
        17:12:55.    Dickie Valentine.                   Christmas Alphabet.

        07:01:56.    Bill Haley & His Comets.         Rock Around The Clock.
        21:01:56.    Tennessee Ernie Ford.                     Sixteen Tons.
        18:02:56.    Dean Martin.                 Memories Are Made Of This.
        17:03:56.    Dream Weavers.                    It's Almost Tomorrow.
        31:03:56.    Kay Starr.                         Rock And Roll Waltz.
        14:04:56.    Winifred Atwell.                  Poor People Of Paris.        
        05:05:56.    Ronnie Hilton.                           No Other Love.
        16:06:56.    Pat Boone.                                I'll Be Home.
        21:07:56.    Frankie Lymon And The Teenagers.  
                                                  Why Do Fools Fall in Love.
        11:08:56.    Doris Day.                    Whatever Will Be Will Be.
        22:09:56.    Anne Shelton.                       Lay Down Your Arms.
        20:10:56.    Frankie Laine.                         A Woman In Love.
        17:11:56.    Johnny Ray.                   Just Walking In The Rain.

        05:01:57.    Guy Mitchell.                        Singing The Blues.
        26:01:57.    Frankie Vaughan.                    The Garden Of Eden.
        02:02:57.    Guy Mitchell.                        Singing The Blues.
        09:02:57.    Frankie Vaughan.                    The Garden Of Eden.
        23:02:57.    Tab Hunter.                                 Young Love.
        13:04:57.    Lonnie Donegan.                         Cumberland Gap.
        18:05:57.    Guy Mitchell.                             Rock-A-Billy.
        25:05:57.    Andy Williams.                               Butterfly.
        08:06:57.    Johnnie Ray.                   Yes, Tonight, Josephine.
        29:06:57.    Lonnie Donegan.                   Puttin' On The Style.
        13:07:57.    Elvis Presley.                            All Shook Up.
        31:08:57.    Paul Anka.                                       Diana.
        02:11:57.    The Crickets.                       That'll Be The Day.
        23:11:57.    Harry Belafonte.                      Mary's Boy Child.

        04:01:58.    Harry Belafonte.                      Mary's Boy Child.
        11:01:58.    Jerry Lee Lewis.                   Great Balls Of Fire.
        25:01:58.    Elvis Presley.                          Jailhouse Rock.
        15:02:58.    Michael Holiday.                  The Story Of My Life.
        01:03:58.    Perry Como.                              Magic Moments.
        26:04:58.    Marvin Rainwater.                    Whole Lotta Woman.
        17:05:58.    Connie Francis.                        Who's Sorry Now.
        28:06:58.    Vic Damone.               On The Street Where You Live.
        12:07:58.    Everly Brothers.             All I Have To Do Is Dream.
        23:08:58.    Kallin Twins.                                     When.
        27:09:58.    Connie Francis.                           Stupid Cupid.
        08:11:58.    Tommy Edwards.                    It's All In The Game.
        29:11:58.    Lord Rockinham's XI.                         Hoots Mon.
        20:12:58.    Conway Twitty.                  It's Only Make Believe.

        03:01:59.    Conway Twitty.                  It's Only Make Believe.
        24:01:59.    Jane Morgan.                    The Day The Rains Came.
        31:01:59.    Elvis Presley.                             I Got Stung.
        21:02:59.    Shirley Bassey.                          As I Love You.
        21:03:59.    The Platters.                  Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.
        28:03:59.    Russ Conway.                               Side Saddle.
        25:04:59.    Buddy Holly.                 It Doesn't Matter Anymore.
        16:05:59.    Elvis Presley.                        A Fool Such As I.
        20:06:59.    Russ Conway.                                 Roullette.
        04:07:59.    Bobby Darin.                               Dream Lover.
        01:08:59.    Cliff Richard.                             Living Doll.
        12:09:59.    Craig Douglas.                            Only Sixteen.
        10:10:59.    Jerry Keller.                        Here Comes Summer.
        17:10:59.    Bobby Darin.                            Mack The Knife.
        31:10:59.    Cliff Richard.                        Travellin' Light.
        05:12:59.    Adam Faith.                           What Do You Want.
        26:12:59.    Emile Ford.
                              What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For.

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