U.K. Number Ones 1990-94.

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This list of number one singles is based on charts published in New Musical Express. The dates given are for publication of the magazine - the Saturday follwing the actual publication on a Wednesday. The chart would therefore be the current one at the time of going to press.

The New Musical Express has been used as it has provided the most consistent charts since the magazine first published a British "Hit Parade" in 1952.

        13:01:90.    Band Aid II.               Do They Know It's Christmas.
        20:01:90.    New Kids On The Block.                   Hangin' Tough.
        27:01:90.    Kylie Minogue.                      Tears On My Pillow.
        03:02:90.    Sinead O'Connor.                  Nothing Compares 2 U.
        10:03:90.    Beats International.                 Dub Be Good To Me.
        31:03:90.    B.52s.                                      Love Shack.
        07:04:90.    Snap!                                            Power.
        21:04:90.    Madonna.                                         Vogue.
        19:05:90.    Adamski.                                        Killer.
        09:06:90.    England Football Squad/New Order.      World In Motion.
        30:06:90.    Elton John.                                  Sacrifice.
        28:07:90.    Partners In Kryme.                        Turtle Power.
        18:08:90.    DNA featuring Suzanne Vega.                Tom's Diner.
        01:09:90.    Bombalurina.  
                             Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.
        15:09:90.    Deee-Lite.                      Groove Is In The Heart.
        22:09:90.    Steve Miller Band.                           The Joker.
        06:10:90.    Maria McKee.                            Show Me Heaven.
        13:10:90.    Bobby Vinton.                              Blue Velvet.
        27:10:90.    Status Quo.                      The Anniversary Waltz.
        03:11:90.    Righteous Brothers.                   Unchained Melody.
        01:12:90.    Vanilla Ice.                              Ice Ice Baby.

        05:01:91.    Cliff Richard.                           Saviour's Day.
        12:01:91.    Enigma.                                 Sadness Part 1.
        02:02:91.    Queen.                                        Innuendo.
        09:02:91.    KLF featuring The Children Of The Revolution.
                                                3am Eternal Life At The SSL.
        23:02:91.    The Simpsons.                           Do The Bartman.
        09:03:91.    The Clash.                Should I Stay Or Should I Go.
        23:03:91.    Hale & Pace & The Stonkers.                  The Stonk.
        06:04:91.    Chesney Hawks.                        The One And Only.
        13:04:91.    James.                                        Sit Down.
        20:04:91.    The Waterboys.                   The Whole Of The Moon.
        27:04:91.    Madonna.                                     Rescue Me.
        04:05:91.    Cher.          The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss).
        25:05:91.    Crystal Waters.                Gypsy Woman (La De Dee).
        08:06:91.    Color Me Badd.                      I Wanna Sex You Up.
        29:06:91.    Jason Donovan.                       Any Dream Will Do.
        20:07:91.    Bryan Adams.         Everything I Do (I Do It For You).
        26:10:91.    Kiri Te Kanewa.                         World In Union.
        02:11:91.    U2.                                            The Fly.
        09:11:91.    Vic Reeves & The Wonder Stuff.                   Dizzy.
        23:11:91.    Michael Jackson.                        Black Or White.
        14:12:91.    George Michael & Elton John. 
                                            Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me.
        21:12:91.    Queen.                               Bohemian Rhapsody. 

        11:01:92.    Queen.                               Bohemian Rhapsody.
        01:02:92.    Wet Wet Wet.                            Goodnight Girl.
        15:02:92.    Pasadenas.                          I'm Doing Fine Now.
        22:02:92.    Shakespears Sister.                               Stay.
        04:04:92.    Mr. Big.                                To Be With You.
        18:04:92.    Right Said Fred.                          Deeply Dippy.
        16:05:92.    KWS.                          Please Don't Go/Game Boy.
        13:06:92.    Erasure.                                    Abba-Esque.
        11:07:92.    Mariah Carey.                            I'll Be There.
        18:07:92.    Jimmy Nail.                             Ain't No Doubt.
        15:08:92.    Snap!                               Rhythm Is A Dancer.
        19:09:92.    The Shamen.                            Ebeneezer Goode.
        17:10:92.    Tasmin Archer.                      Sleeping Satellite.
        07:11:92.    Boyz II Men.                           End Of The Road.
        21:11:92.    Charles & Eddie.                    Would I Lie To You?
        05:12:92.    Whitney Houston.                I Will Always Love You. 

        09:01:93.    Whitney Houston.                I Will Always Love You.
        20:02:93.    Take That.                Why Can't I Wake Uo With You?
        06:03:93.    2 Unlimited.                                  No Limit.
        20:03:93.    Shaggy.                                    Oh Carolina.
        10:04:93.    Bluebells.                              Young At Heart.
        01:05:93.    George Michael/Queen/Lisa Stansfield.   Five Live (EP).
        22:05:93.    Ace Of Base.                        All That She Wants.
        19:06:93.    UB.40.         (I Can't Help) Falling In Love With You.
        26:06:93.    Gabrielle.                                      Dreams.
        17:07:93.    Take That.                                        Pray.
        14:08:93.    Freddie Mercury.                      Living On My Own.
        04:09:93.    Culture Beat.                                 Mr. Vain.
        25:09:93.    Pet Shop Boys.                                 Go West.
        02:10:93.    Jazzy Jeff And Fresh Prince.      Boom! Shake The Room.
        09:10:93.    Take That featuring Lulu.              Relight My Fire.
        23:10:93.    Meatloaf.
                            I'll Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That).
        11:12:93.    Mr. Blobby.                                 Mr. Blobby.
        18:12:93.    Take That.                                        Babe.
        25:12:93.    Mr. Blobby.                                 Mr. Blobby.

        15:01:94.    Chacka Demus & Pliers.                 Twist And Shout.
        22:01:94.    D:Ream.                     Things Can Only Get Better.
        19:02:94.    Mariah Carey.                              Without You.
        19:03:94.    Doop.                                             Doop.
        09:04:94.    Take That.                          Everything Changes.
        23:04:94.    Erasure.                                        Always.
        30:04:94.    Prince.           The Most Beautiful Girl In The World.
        07:05:94.    Crash Test Dummies.                    Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm.
        14:05:94.    Stiltskin.                                      Inside.
        28:05:94.    Manchester United Football Squad.     Come On You Reds.
        04:06:94.    Wet Wet Wet.                        Love Is All Around.
        17:09:94.    Whigfield.                              Saturday Night.
        22:10:94.    Take That.                                        Sure.
        29:10:94.    Pato Banton.                            Baby Come Back.
        03:12:94.    Baby D.                         Let Me Be Your Fantasy.
        10:12:94.    East 17.                              Stay Another Day.

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