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The Cavern Club.

The Cavern Club
The Cavern Club we can visit today is not original but a carefully reconstructed copy which opened in 1984. The original plans were followed and even the original bricks were re-used when the Cavern Walks development was built on the site of the original warehouses. The site was demolished in the 1970s and had remained an unmarked piece of waste ground, housing nothing more than a series of temporary car parks.
The ornate decorations which can be seen around the futuristic "bubble" windows of the shopping mall and office block were designed by Cynthia Lennon.
Despite the fact it is only a copy, there's a palpable sense of excitement as you descend the spiral staircase into the cellars of the building. Opening the door into the rebuilt Cavern, you're met by a wall of heat. Inside the air is heavy with condensation. There are even a few puddles on the floor. It all adds to the atmosphere.
There, at the end of the main cellar is a tiny floodlit stage; repainted as the original had been and signed, like its predecessor, by many of the stars who played the venue in the sixties. On a recent visit to make a TV documentary, Ringo Starr once again signed the wall. Unfortunately, his signature was accidentally removed by a cleaner!

Clicking on the small animation on the left will take you to a PhotoVista panorama of the Cavern Club. You can stand in the middle of the club and move in any direction around this photo-realistic virtual copy of the club.

To view the panorama, you will need the RealSpace plug-in for your chosen browser. This can be automatically downloaded from the page.

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