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The Ultimate Rock Cyclopedia is already the largest facility of its kind in the world. For the first time on the Internet, you'll find a full alphabetical listing of artists, giving band details, session details, brief biographies, photographs, links and much more.

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A.B.C. to Adams, Donn.

Adams, Eddie to Aho, Haara.

Ahrendt, Dieter to Alexander, Fred.

Alexander, Gary "Jules" to Allen, Taliesin.

Allen, Terry to Ambrose, Dave.

Ambrose Slade to Anderson, Richard.

Anderson, Rick to Armstrong, Max.

Armstrong, Paul to Attitudes.

Attwooll, Hugh to Aztec Two Step.


B.J. to Bailey, P.C. "Diceman".

Bailey, Paul to Bakker, Ferdinand.

Bakus, Donald "Gus" to Bang Bang Machine.

Bangla Desh to Barnwell, Carl.

Barone, Richard to Battray, Bob.

Bauer, Joe to Bell, Chris.

Bell, Christopher to Bergsten, Gunnar.

Berisford, Mark to Biondo, George.

Birby, Roger to Blake, Paulette.

Blake, Tim to Blumberg, Stu.

Blumenfeld, Roy to Bonzo Dog Doo-Dag Band.

Boogie Brothers, The to Boyer, Scott.

Boylan, John to Bressers, Toon.

Brett, David to Brooks, Diane.

Brooks, Don to Brown, Ron.

Brown, Ronnie to Buffalo, Norton.

Buffalo Springfiled to Burrows, Reuben.

Burrows, Robbie to Byzantium.


C., Richie to Call, Jim.

Cargoe to Cash, Steve.

Cashman, Terry to Chambers, Joe.

Chambers, John to Chilliwack.

Chilton, Alex to City Boy.

Claggett, James to Coal Kitchen.

Coabar, Glen to Collins, Dennis.

Collins, Edwyn to Cook, Little Joe.

Cook, Mick to Cotton, Paul.

James Cotton Blues Band, The to Creason, Sammy.

Creation to Cummings, John.

Cummings, Stephen to Czukay, Holger.


D'Abo, Mike to Dall'enese, Gilbert.

Dalton, Gary to Danoff, Taffy.

Dante, Carl to Davidson, George.

Davidson, Lenny to Davis, Jeff.

Davis, Jesse Ed to Dawes, Tom.

Dawson, Jim to de Robert, John.

de Rosa, Vincent to Joey Dee And The Starlighters.


Eades, Ron to Eden's Children.

Edenton, Ray to Egan, Joe.

Egan, Mary to Elizabeth.

Ellicot, Rod to Ellis, Keith.

Ellis, Mundi to Entner, Warren.

Entwhistle, John to Evans, Bob.

Evans, Davis to Ezrin, Bob.


Fabian to Faith Band.

Faith Brothers to Fanger, J.D.

Faragher, Danny to Faryar, Cyrus.

Fashion to Feingold, Alan.

Feinstein, Harley to Fernandez, Manuel.

Fernandez, Tony to Fiel, Rick.

Field, Graham to Fingerprintz.

Finitribe to Fishell, Steve.

Fisher, Adrian to Flash.

Flash Cadillac to Flock.

Flowered Up to Foghat.

Foltz, Marty to Forgione, Joey.

Forman, Steve to 400 Blows.

4 Non Blondes to Francis, Bill.

Francis, Connie to Franklin, Mel.

Franks, Clive to Freeman, Ken.

Freeman, Lee to Fried, Marty.

Friedberg, Peter to Fyson, Lesley.


G.B.H. to Gambler.

Game Theory to Garone, Gary.

Garonzik, Phil to Geddes, Tony.

Gee, Arthur to Ghezzi, Suzi.

Giallombardo, Phil to Gill, Andy.

Gill, Bob to Glaze, Red Hot Willie.

Gleason, Patrick to Goldsmith, Lenny.

Goldsmith, Lenny Lee to Gordon, Jon.

Gordon, Peter to Graham, Bill.

Graham, Billy to Gray, Paul.

Gray, Tom to Greenway, Brian.

Greenwich, Ellie to Gruber, Craig.

Gruen, Peter to Gypsy Dave.


H., Mike to Haggerty, Terry.

Hagler, Sherry to Halfnelson.

Halford, Rob to Hall, Robert.

Hall, Susan to Hammill, Peter.

Hammond, John to Happy Few, The.

Happy Flowers, The to Harmon, David.

Harper, DeLisle to Harris, Tim.

Harrison, Billy to Keef Hartley Band.

Hartman, Dan to Hattersley, Lisa.

Hattler, Helmut to Haycock, Peter.

Haydock, Eric to Heart.

Heartbeats to Henley, Don.

Henman, David to Herren, John.

Herrewig, Gary to Hightower, Rosetta.

Highway Robbery to Hirsch, Ricky.

Hirsch, Chicken to Hoff, John.

Hoffman, Doug to Hollywood Stars.

Holman, Michael to Hooper, Daryl.

Hoorelbeke, Peter to Hosko, Bob.

Hossack, Michael to Hubinson, Paul.

Hudson, Barbara to Humble Pie.

Hume, Brian to Hynes, Dave.


I Roy to Impelliteri.

Impellitier, Keith to Inman, Deryll.

Inmates, The to Irving, Dave.

Irwin, Big Dee to Izzo, Al.


J.C. to Jackson, David.

Jackson, Don to Jacobs, Jack.

Jacobs, Jeannette to Jameson, Nick.

Jameson, Peter to Jenkins, Carl.

Jenkins, Crystal to Joel, Billy.

Joffe, Richard to Johnson, Johnny Lee.

Johnson, Keith to Jones, David Robert.

Jones, Doug to Jonz, Joni.

Jools to Justo, Rodney.


KGB to Karas, Paul.

Karczewski, Ted to Keck, Mike.

Keefer, James Barry to Kemp, Rick.

Kemper, Dave to Kesterson, Kim.

Kewley, Ian to King, Freddie.

King, Gary to Kirke, Simon.

Kirkham, Millie to Knbit, Jeff.

Knechtel, Larry to Kongos, John.

Konikoff, Sandy to Krawitz, Michael.

Krein, Henry to Jim Kweskin Jug Band, The.


L.A. Express to Labes, Jeff.

Laboriel, Abraham to Lagen, Kevin.

Lagerberg, Goran to Lamb, Bobby.

Lamb, Jon to Lancaster, Alan.

Lancaster, Doodles to Lane, Jamie.

Lane, Jani to Langer, Clive "Cliff Hanger".

Langer, Rudolf to Lanni, Arnold.

Lanning, Michael to Larose, Louis.

Larrance, Steve to Lathan, Mark.

Lather, Henry to Laverty, Ted.

Lavie, Joe to Lawrence, Ronald.

Lawrence, Steve to Le Maistre, Malcolm.

Le Mesurier, Robin to Leary, Vinny.

Lease, Mark to Lee, Bernie.

Lee, Beverly to Lee, Linzee.

Lee, Marty to Leech, Greg.

Leech, Mike to Lehman, Norbert.

Lehnert, Bob to Lemonheads, The.

Lemore, Lamonte to Leonetti, Edward.

Leopold, Jamie to Level, David.

Levellers, The to Levy, Jay.

Levy, Marc to Lewis, Lou.

Lewis, Mark to Libby, Bart.

Libby, Dennis to Liggers, The.

Liggett, Julie to Lind, Gary.

Linde, Al to Lingwall, Chris.

Lingwwod, John to Lipsius, Fred.

Lipson, Lew to Little Feat.

Little Free Rock to Lloyd, Dave.

Lloyd, David to Locking, Brian "Licorice".

Lockmiller, Richard to Lohenzie, Didier.

Loizides, Nick to Long, Joe.

Long, Steve to Lords, Jeff.

Lorenzo, Randy to Love, Gerard.

Love, Mike to Lowe, Colin.

Lowe, Danny to Lucas, Gil.

Lucas, Kate to Luevano, Carlos.

Lufrano, Tony to Lurkers, The.

Luscombe, Stephen to Lynch, George.

Lynch, Jim to Lyttle, Jim.


MacDonald, Carol to McBurnie, John.

McCabe, Bruce to McCoy, Joe.

McCoys, The to McDonald, Ian (g).

McDonald, Ian (k) to McGroggan, Henry.

McGruder, Jane to McKay, Steve.

McKelvey, Louis to McLellan, Mike.

McMahon, Andy to McWhirter, George.


M'Bopo, Joshua to Macs.

Mad River to Magma.

Magna Carta to Malone, Tom.

Maluchnik, Doug to Mankey, Jim.

Manley, Colin to Margen, Dave.

Margolis, Sammy to Marsden, Bernie.

Marsden, Freddie to Martin, Steve.

Martinez, Antonio to Masseurs, Ine.

Masseurs, Ton to Meadow, Punky.

Meadows-Taylor, Roger to Menza, Don.

Mephistopheles to Michaels, Roy.

Michie, Chris to Miller, Mrs. Elva.

Miller, Frankie to Mindbenders.

Minelli, Liza to Moans.

Moby Grape to Monkman, Francis.

Monotones to Moore, Kevin.

Moore, Kim to Morgan, Tommy.

Morganfield, McKinley to Morton, Rockette.

Morty to Move, The.

Moxy to Murdock, Glen.

Murphy, Gerry to Mysior, Bernie.


Nafialin, Mark to Neil, Lu Ann.

Nektar to New York String Ensemble.

New York Rock And Roll Ensemble to Ney, Mike.

Nice, The to Nitzinger.

Nitzinger, John to Nyro, Laura.


O-Level to O'Daniel, John.

O'Day, AAlan to O'Neill, Mike.

O'Neill, Seamus to Ocean Colour Scene.

Oceans, Lucky to Oingo Boingo.

Ojeda, Eddie to Olsen, Richard.

Olson, David to Ono, Yoko.

Onslow, Jim to Orilio, Doug.

Orioles to Osfar, Tom.

Osgood, Chris to Otis, Shuggie.

Otley, James Charles Jnr. to Owen, David.

Owen, David to Ozz.


Paay, Patricia to Palmer, Robert.

Palmer, Earl to Parker, Alan.

Parker, Christopher to Parsons, Gene.

Parsons, Smokey to Patto, Mike.

Paul, Allen to Pearl.

Pearl, Leslie to Penniman, Richard.

Penning, Leslie to Perry, John.

Perry, Richard to Petto, Frank.

Petty, Joe Dan to Picket, Bobby.

Pickett, Bobby "Boris" to Pinti, Bob.

Pippin, Bill to Podolor, Richard.

Pohlman, Ray to Porcaro, Jeff.

Porcaro, Steve to Powell, Don.

Powell, George to Preston, Don (g).

Preston, Don (p) to Prosser, Sammy.

Provisor, Dennis to Pyne, Mike.


Q65 to Qax.

Quaye, Caleb to Quicksilver Messenger Service.

Quiet Riot to Qunta, Andy.


R.E.M. to Rafferty, Gerry.

Rage (Germany) to Ram Jam.

Ramatam to Rapeman.

Raphauel, Holden to Ravens (UK).

Ravens (US) to Reading, Warwick.

Real Kids to Red Rider.

Red Star Belgrade to Rees-Jones, John.

Reeves, Alan to Remains.

Remaynes to Return To Forever.

Revere, Paul to Rhinocerous.

Rhodes, Donna to Rich, Herbie.

Rich, Jeff to Richardson, Scott.

Richardson, Soko to Riff.

Riff Raff (Finland) to Ritgen, Ule.

Ritter, Preston to Robert, Tony.

Roberts, Andy to Robinson, Albert.

Robinson, Janice to Rockets.

Rockicks to Rogers, Maurice.

Rogers, Mick to Roogalator.

Room 101 to Ross, Allan.

Ross, Diana to Roulette, Freddie.

Roundabout to Rubella Ballet.

Ruben And The Jets to Rugg, Hal.

Rugsted, Jens to Rush, Pat.

Rush, Tom to Rye, Steve.


S.A.D.O. to Salford Jets, The.

Salisbury, Tom to Sanborn, David.

Sanchez, Freddie to Saraya, Sandi.

Sarch, Harvey to Sawbuck.

Sawyer, Ray to Schacklock, Alan.

Schaeffer, Janne to Scholtz, Tom.

Schon, Neal to Scott, Andy.

Scott, Bobby to Scritti Politti.

Scruffs to Seeds.

Seeger, Mike to Shaddick, Terry.

Shadowfax to Shaw, Sandie.

Shaw, Terry to Sherman, Michael.


Tabak, Ron to Tannett, Peter.

Tannum, Rich to Tavaglione, Steve.

Taylor, Alex to Taylor, Ron.

Taylor, Ronnie to Tench, Benmont.

Tench, Bobby to Thielemans, Jean "Toots".

Thielhelm, Emil to Thomas, Raymond.

Thomas, Ronnie to Thompson, Stephen.

Thompson, Steve to Tiger.

Till, John to Tolonen, Jukka.

Tom And Jerry to Totesaut, Fred.

Touchstone to Travis, Pamela.

Traynor, Jay to Truax, Jay.

Trucks, Butch to Tunison, John.

Turbeville, Dan to Tyrannosaurus Rex.


U.F.O. to Utting, Jill.


Vadican, John to Van Dyke, Earl.

Van Eaton, Derek to Vanderkooi, David.

Vanderpuije, Pete to Verruchi, Dick.

Vestine, Henry to Vito, Rick.

Vitous, Miroslav to Vosburgh, Donny.


Wachtel, Robert "Waddy" to Waldman, Wendy.

Wales, Howard to Wallace, John.

Walle, Rune to Ware, John.

Ware, Otho to Watkins, Julius.

Watkins, Kim to Weathers, John.

Weaver, Blue to Wedgewood, Mike.

Weeks, Willie to Wells, Junior.

Wells, Mary to Wet Willie.

Wetton, John to White, Lenny.

White, Priscilla to Whitlock, Bobby.

Whitwam, Barry to Willard, Lorna.

Willard, Maxayn to Williams, Sam.

Williams, Sharon Lee to Wilson, Carl.

Wilson, Charles to Winchester, Jesse.

Wind In The Willows to Wise, Eddie.

Wise, Fred to Wonder Who.

Wood Annagh to Wooley, Sheb.

Woolf, Stephanie to Wynne, Dave.


X to XYZ.


Y? to Yardstick.

Yarrow, Peter to Yobs.

Yochman, Greg to Young, Earl.

Young, Gary to Young Rob.

Young, Rodney to Yules, Morgan.


Z to Zanzler, Al.

Zapate, Abel to Zeno, Chester.

Zeno to Zinca.

Zincan, Joe to Zoo.

Zoots to Zzebra.

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